Lineage OS random reboots on Motorola Nexus 6


Staff member
Previously I have built Lineage OS for Motorola Nexus 6. It has been working stable until I noticed random nightly reboots when alarm clock is set. Tried to find some info on that however no helpful tips to workaround it...

Reboots happened during night so in the morning I would find my phone asking for boot unlock password. Following observations made:
  • Alarm clock was set
  • Phone is in roaming
  • Boot password is set (set screen lock to Password and when it asks, also set boot up password)
First two might just been coinsidences, but third is important - if boot up password is not set, phone didn't do random reboots (or if rebooted, returned to normal standby state). The problem is without boot up password custom recovery (TWRP in my case) is freely accessible therefore posing a security threat for unauthorized persons to manipulate device.

And then I found out possible reason: it was actually the launcher that was failing. Lineage OS ships with its Trebuchet (com.cyanogenmod.trebuchet). After switching launcher to Apex (I do have Pro version) no more random reboots. Therefore I believe there is an issue with Trebuchet on Nexus 6.